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Gibson Les Paul Gary Moore Tribute 2013
Jackson Adrian Smith - Gary Moore /white Charvel project,EMG81
Paul Red Smith Santana Yellow SE 2022
Fender American Special Telecaster 2019
Epiphone 1959 Standard Limited Edition 2022
Epiphone Standard Plus Top Pro 2019
Epiphone Modern 2020 /Suhr Doug Aldrich pickups/
Epiphone Firebird 2022
Squier Vintage Modified '70s Stratocaster
Aria /1970-73/
Fernandes AFR 65 /EMG 85/
Peavey Predator Stratocaster /Seymour Duncan-Peavey-Dimarzio Fast Track/
Les Paul style -no name guitar /emg hz pickups/
Sigma JRC-1STE acoustic
Martinez MD-10 acoustic....



Marshall JCM 800 - 1959 / Gary Moore owned 1987-88
Line6 Flextone II combo
MosValve Tube Works MV-962 Power Amp / stereo 80W-80W /
Marshall MS-4 Micro Stack :))))))))


Marshall 1960A  /2008 greenback speakers
212 Custom Home Made cabinet / Electrovoice and celestion creamback 65w/
"t' The Box - MA150 Actíve Monitor

Effects, midi pedals:

Fractal Audio AX8 Amp modeler and multi fx
JHS AT+ / Andy Timmons signature distortion-overdrive
Digitech Bad Monkey Tube Overdrive
Digitech Drop
Ibanez TS10 Tubescreamer /Japan
T-Rex Mudhoney /I./
T-Rex Möller /I./
EHX Holy Grail Neo /2015/
Marshall Guwnor ( original made in england)
Marshall Guwnor II
Marshall Compressor
Boss OD200 (multi drive)
Boss RV500
Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor
Boss TU-2 Chromatic tuner
Line6 M5 Stompbox Modeler
J&G Choking Hazard - Zsolt Vámos Signature
G-Lab Woowee Wah
G-Lab Dual Reverb
G-Lab GSC-3 Guitar System Controller
G-Lab AUX 2XLoop
MM Barber Direct Drive
Handmade Custom MidBooster
ART X-11 Midi Footcontroller
Boss GX-700 Effect Processor


Elixir strings 09, 09 hybrid, 10, 11 /AC/

Pickups: Gibson Burstbucker Pro, Suhr - Doug Aldrich set, EMG 81-85, Seymour Duncan JB-59, EMG-Hz, DiMarzio Fast Track 2, DiMarzi Super Distortion DP100 ...


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